Steve Emmerson
Other projects on the go...




I have a number of projects at various stages of development. Prospective publishers or agents looking in might be interested to browse the following list for further discussion…


I have a few picture books either written or in mind. Titles include:
I’m The Most Bestest In The Whole Wide World (what are you the most bestest at?)
Our Budgie Boogies! (a fun little look at showing off and exaggerating)
Flinty McGinty and the Blown Away Day! (There’s a humdinger storm outside, but Flinty McGinty is determined to go out and get that milk...)
Scary Hairdos! (Mum’s hairdo goes badly wrong, and all attempts at rectifying it just make matters a whole lot worse...)
The Toilet Brush of Doom! (The house is just jam-packed-full of dangers...)
Molly’s A Star (‘There was a cat on telly that looked just like Molly…’)
Silly Sensible (a preschool look at what might be considered sensible, and not...)
Please ask me about the latest state of play with these...

Jake’s dad is a writer of stories about monsters. Trouble is – once written the monsters are real. And now there are so many of them they’re getting a bit out of hand…
[A book for 8-12 year olds]

Imagine – you squint hard at someone and you can see the truth about them... the whole truth and nothing but the truth! That’s what Barnaby Brookes suddenly finds he can do. And from that moment on, his life gets even more complicated than usual.
[Probably 12+]

For a bet to regret, Steve Chandler has agreed to spend the night alone in what everybody agrees is a haunted house. Stupid, or what? Now it’s too late to back down and Steve can’t lose face at school. But then there’s a development… There’s someone else spending the night in the house on Sheol Grove. And that someone else happens to be a collector… of ghost stories. We settle down to a night of horrifying short stories and we gradually learn that everything is not as it seems – and we’re heading for a terrifying twist in our own tale.
[Scary stuff for 14+]

Robbie Shaw is dropped slap bang wham bam into the middle of Romeo and Juliet. In a series of weird waking dreams, Robbie finds it increasingly difficult to separate fact from fiction, reality from fantasy, now from memory. A very twisty love story with a very twisty ending.
[Intriguing stuff for 14+]

Maddy Gillespie is 18, working in a fashion shop, the world at her feet. As if! Maddy’s fed up! Bored stiff! Sick to the teeth! But there’s always Toni… with her get rich schemes (all of which involve the cover of Vogue or the Next Big Thing to hit the Big Screen). Trouble is, you see, Maddy’s got her head screwed on. She knows there’s no quick fix to life’s dreariness. The world’s a grey and rainy place and there’s most probably less chance of a photo shoot in the Bahamas than there is of winning the rollover. But then, out of the blue, Maddy and Toni are approached in town by a bloke with a camera who wants to ‘do a shoot’ with them. Toni thinks he’s quite cute, in an old-sort-of-way. Maddy thinks he’s creepy. As the story develops, strange things start happening and guess who was right about the photographer…

This is a story of friendship stretched beyond breaking point and dark family secrets. This is the book that became my film script that’s currently stuck in ‘Development Hell’. [16+]

I also have an adult horror novel, full of sex, violence and darkness, not necessarily in that order, which is about 85% finished (an agent has already expressed interest in this). I have a couple of plays for Radio on the go.

I have a whole headful of ideas for fiction for all ages, and I have now made the time to return to writing after a short break away doing Really Serious Stuff.

However, what I don’t have right now is the commission that tells me where to concentrate my efforts…