Steve Emmerson

Don't let it be said that Steve Emmerson doesn't listen. And don't let it be said that Steve Emmerson is a secretive so-and-so. People have been asking me to put a 'news' section on my site, and I've bowed to great public demand. (Well, not that great, actually...) But anyway, for those of you who're interested, here is the news...

Steve Emmerson- the Movie?
Don't titter, missus. I kid you not!

I'm currently working on a Screenplay Treatment for a regional film and TV production company. They want to turn a script of mine into a general-release feature film. I'm afraid I can't divulge too much at the mo, since it's stuck in that mysterious temporal void that scriptwriters call Development Hell, and for lots of reasons it has to be kept hush-hush.

If you've been following this item for some months, my previous disclaimer still stands - don't hold your breath! It may never happen! Movies are very different beasties to novels. What I can say is that it's still looking positive as of today. The production company I'm dealing with are currently looking for funding. This may take some time. In the interim, please do not adjust your set.

More news on this as and when...

I have a cupboard packed to brimming with writing projects. Some are finished but not (yet) placed. Some are well-developed. And some are simply ideas in the early stages of development. They range from non-genre teen-novels right through to an in-yer-face graphic horror novel. Some of these may well be placed under pseudonyms, if they get placed at all.

I do have a novel not far from completion that's earned a very positive response from an agent. All I need to do now is find the time (in a very busy schedule) to actually get the thing finished. Not as easy as it sounds. Although the novel is currently about 85-90% done, I'm working very-nearly-100-hour-weeks in the boring old day-job. C'est la vie! The creative spirit doesn't always find it's freedom. Sometimes it remains caged for what feels like eternity, but then, when it is finally let loose, it can soar higher and fly further for it's incarceration. Here's to flying high!

Anyhow - don't you worry. If anything happens that I can tell you about, I'll publicise it right here on this page so do keep visiting if you're interested. If I add anything more exciting or more positive on this News Page in the future, I'll let you know on my Home Page when I up-date.

Bye for now!