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Wot - no pictures? No little jumping anims? No starscape backdrop?

Don’t know about you, but I get a bit tired of all these WebPage gimmicks and lavish all-singing, all-dancing, all-everything sites. Sci-fi pages seem particularly prone to the ‘let’s shove every damn effect we can into it’ syndrome. As if the pages have to reflect the ginormous budget epics that have become science fiction these days.

Personally, I prefer the words to do all the singing and all that fancy dancing. Then you get nice quick downloads that don’t clock up your phone bills and throw away your life in tedious gazing at that little ‘27 zillion items remaining to download’ dialogue in the bottom left-hand corner of your monitor.

So, here you are. Welcome to my world. Or rather- the world of my Doctor Who books. Thanks for dropping in. What will you find here?


Facts and stuff about Steve Emmerson’s first published novel, ‘Doctor Who - Casualties of War’. You’ll read about how the idea was accepted by BBC Books. A bit about the wonderful time I spent actually writing the thing. What I'd tried before CoW.


More facts and even more stuff about Steve Emmerson's second novel for the BBC, 'Doctor Who - Dark Progeny'.

I’ve also included a few other Doctor Who related bits ’n’ bobs which readers and prospective authors might find interesting.

In the future, as this site evolves, I’ll let you know what else I’m working on and, if you’re interested, you can follow my progress from pitch to publication.

For now, here’s what you get at the moment.

Home: Start Page. I'll announce site-changes here as and when.

Main Intro: Here!

CoW Blurb: What's 'Casualties of War' about? Read the blurb and get excited enough to buy the book!

Sacred CoW: A feature I wrote for the BBC’s ‘Doctor Who Telepress’. This was a monthly newsletter set up to showcase coming books in the range. The feature covers the writing of 'Casualties of War'.

Prologue: Read the devastating Prologue from 'Casualties of War'. You'll be gasping for more...

Synopses: In here you can read my original proposal for CoW, and also my finished Synopsis for the actual book. If you haven't read the book yet, this is obviously one BIG SPOILER, so tread carefully through these pages...

Covers: After I finished the final MS for CoW, BBC Books asked me if I had any ideas for my cover. I sent them three mock-ups to demo my thoughts, and you can see those here along with the finished product that the BBC design team came up with.

DP Blurb: What's this 'Dark Progeny' all about then, eh? My second Doctor Who novel for BBC Books: read the blurb, get the gen, then buy the book cos it sounds so damned enticing...

DP Sample: Not sure yet? OK. Then read a sample absolutely free! No catch. But you only get a bit, and you can't curl up in bed with it. Unless you got a particularly nice laptop. Or, of course, unless you print it up on some good old-fashioned paper first.

DP Cover: See the cover for 'Doctor Who - Dark Progeny' right here, right now...

Interview: BBC Online interview with Steve Emmerson, the famous author! Interview conducted by that most intrepid journalist, Clara Beam.

Other Stuff: Interesting bits 'n' bobs that propspective publishers or agents might just like to look through.

News: Read all about it! What on Earth is that Steve Emmerson up to now?

Feedback Form: Please feel free to tell me what you think of my books or my website. If there’s stuff you’d like me to post here, drop me a note on the Feedback Form. If there’s stuff you like about this site - let me know. If there’s stuff you don’t like - go away! No, sorry, let me know. Really!

I'm afraid I can't promise to reply to all messages, so please don't try to tempt me into any protracted debates! And please also note that I don't like being sworn at! Just in case...