Steve Emmerson

When work was done on the writing of ‘Casualties of War’, the fun started on other aspects of the production of the book. I was asked if I had any ideas on the cover. I have ideas on everything, so I sent back three mock-ups I’d done in my little Paint program. Here’s what I said about them in my email to Jac Rayner at BBC Worldwide:

There are three cover mock-ups. Don’t get too excited! These are just basic images I thought would suit the narrative. They don’t necessarily sit amongst the other covers as they are. They’re just ideas for debate.

1: CoWSkullCover
My favourite of the three. A bit too spooky, maybe? A bit too 1970’s horror novel, hmm?

2: CoWPoppyBarbCover
Second fave. I think this one has impact.

3: CoWFoPCover
Field of Poppies. Simple. A bit bright in this incarnation. I tried to make it much darker green in the background, keeping the poppies the same colour, but my pathetic paint program just kept wanting to go and lie down in a quiet room on its own.

I think you’ll need to pick these up in a paint program to scale them so you can see them the right size for your monitor. You’ll know what direction the covers are going in. These are just thoughts for discussion. Maybe your Art Dept can completely ignore them and come up with something much better…


Finally, there’s the cover that the BBC Design team actually produced, which turned out wonderful, I thought.


See the big picture by clicking on the little ones below…


CoWSkullCover CoWPoppyBarbCover CoWFoPCover CoWBBC