Steve Emmerson
Cover Blurb

So what's this 'Casualties of War' all about, then, eh?

Here's the cover blurb for CoW:


1918. The world is at war. A terrible raging conflict that has left
no one untouched.

In the North Yorkshire village of Hawkswick, it seems that the dead
won’t stay down. There are reports of horrifically wounded
soldiers on manoeuvres in the night. Pets have gone missing, and
now livestock is found slaughtered in the fields.

Suspicion naturally falls on nearby Hawkswick Hall, a psychiatric
hospital for shell shocked soldiers, where Private Daniel Corey
senses a gathering evil.

As events escalate, a stranger arrives on the scene. Can this Man
from the Ministry solve the mystery of Hawkswick? And can
Hawkswick solve the mystery that is this Man from the Ministry?

This is another in the series of original adventures
for the Eigth Doctor.